Friday, November 18, 2011

One Autumn Day...

Here's a lil peek into our day...crafts & cookies!!! And when my hubby got home from work, he made a yummy fire in the fireplace! (Oh yes, fires are YUMMY! mmmmmm...)

This craft idea was from a really cute blog called, "A Beautiful Mess," which could easily describe my life as well!! Here is the link to her instructions. I decided upon her older version, except we used a sewing machine. We don't have time for that much hand-sewing and the yarn version, while SUPER cute, was a pain in the patootie! Click here to see the original instructions: A Beautiful Mess: Fall Garland.

Here are the pics of ours. I made a leaf template on a piece of cardstock, then just held it on the felt and cut away! I knew Caitlin would love to sew it together, so it might it a bit of a family project. She did a simple straight stitch on the longest stitch we could get on our machine and voilĂ ! It was finished. It's now hanging above the fireplace, ready for the Thanksgiving festivities!!

Of course, I realized after the photos, that we need to clean the soot off of the front of our fireplace. **sigh**

Cute! :)

Here is a close-up of the garland. We just overlapped the tips a bit and sewed a straight stitch.

While Caitlin was sewing the leaves together, I thought Sophia & Emma might want to do something "autumn-y" too. So we decided to bake one of our favorite types of cookies: peanut butter blossoms. Here they are...

Peanut Butter Blossoms! YUMMYYYYYY! 

Does anyone have a fly swatter??


Big {cookie} mouth.

I don't know what looks more de-lish...the cookie or Maya-Moo. ;)

Handsome boy.

What is YOUR favorite fall-time craft or activity??? And what treats do YOU like to bake during the fall at your house?