Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We {finally} did it!

Before I began this school year, I read quite a few homeschooling books & blogs and one of the things that I really like was Charlotte Mason's idea of doing nature walks. She felt that it was good to go out frequently (to the same area) throughout the year to see how things changed over the course of time. Ms. Mason also had the grand idea of taking some sketch paper and some good drawing pencils. I "KNEW" that I would do this. This would be easy, I thought. A pleasant, simple way to get in some science lessons. HA! Little did I know that taking 5 kids out daily, or even weekly, in various types of weather, would be such a challenge. I guess I'm maybe just a bit lazy. And when it is the slightest bit chilly, my scrawny body gets COLD and doesn't want to leave the fireplace-warmed home for ANY reason. So, the thought of our lovely little nature walks fell by the wayside.

Until yesterday. In our last week of school. (Yes, I know I'm not using complete sentences. Doesn't it give such a nice effect though? lol...) Anyhoo...I decided that the twins needed to get out of the house & that we were actually going to try this nature walk business, drawing materials and all. I even had to run back into the house to get the camera because the girls were doing such a fantastic job in their little drawings (and the twinsers were looking so cute being themselves)!

Here are a few (okay, maybe a bit more than a few) of the shots I took of them "working." Man, that Charlotte chick was right...those nature walks are a grand idea! :)

Emma drew this lil dandelion so well!! I should have taken a close-up
of her drawing. Maybe next time...

Sophie drawing her flower. The top was white, but the bottom was a
beautiful combo of pinks/purples. :)

Does it get cuter than that? 

Caitlin was drawing these cute lil "buttons." 

I love her attention to detail in her sketch.

Matthew being Matthew.

Wide-eyed as she imagines jumping.

Ummmm, "nuff" said? 

She ATE IT! hahahaha! And because I brought the camera over, she
refused to cry! Is it mean that I LOVE the distressed look on her face here?

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