Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Invasion: Part V

Sooo, it's been a few months since I've blogged. What can I say? I'm a busy girl. I'm actually in the process of combining all my activities into one blog, so you'll have one place to find all my cooking, homeschooling, photography, Bows-n-Berries and more! I cannot WAIT to have it done and hope to become more regular about posting.

Here are the rest of the photos (there might be alot! lol) from the Summer Training. Gotta get these posted before the winter training rolls around! I've already got one family with a "Molina Valley Reservation!" ;)

My honey gettin' the fixin's ready for carne asada tacos. He made the tacos, the salsa, everything! WOW!

Rice with tangy meatballs, 7-layer salad (DE-LISH!) and creamed squash! Delightful meal!
I'll try to post some recipes sometime! 

The kids watching the adults during study time...they were so cute looking down the stairwell. :)

Peach Cream Pie....mmmmm...

Some wonderful veggie soup that my mama made one evening. The green beans were from the garden! 

A very large pan of brownies. :)

This pic should be up at the top of this post with the other one...but here is my hubby
chopping cilantro & some of his homemade salsa! It was a hit!

My aunt & 2nd mama & papa. I heart them. 

Two of my cousins!

Red, white & blue...with a lil chocolate too! lol

Olivette old family recipe. Doesn't look NEARLY as good as it tastes!

I think this was for the first batch of eggs that morning. hahaha...

One of my faves, scrambled eggs...Greek style. With Feta cheese, black olives and fresh basil. YUM!

Another day's breakfast.

Emma being Emma. 

And tormenting Daniel. :)

Matthew...wearing girl shoes with a gun in his hand. lol

Hanging out...playing games.

Craft with Susanna! 

Sewing time with Susanna. She is the one who taught my daughter how to make those cute purses. :)

Cutie Pie. :)

Frito Pie. Another good snack. :)

See? I WAS there. I just had to go to the mirror to take a picture! lol

Matthew eating the coolest jello ever!

Art helping me use up the extra cilantro & carne asada...making machaca. 

And here it is. Breakfast of champs! :)

My hubby came to get me in time to catch my cousin chopping onions with goggles on. HAD to include that pic! :)

Some extra visitors who popped in one day! ;)

This looks's really a delightful chocolate/marshmallow confection called, "Heavenly Hash."

The layered jello that Matt was eating in a prior photo. Made this with Aunt Joan.

Cousins... :)

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  1. I'm hungry now. All that food looks SO yummy! Especially that homemade salsa...drool. Wonderful pictures, and your family always seems to be having some sort of fun party! What a happy home :)