Monday, October 4, 2010

Life is Hard

Ever since last week, it seems like my kids are determined to attend the "School of Hard Knocks." **sigh** After our last field trip, we somehow lost focus, and have been struggling to get through our days, with school and everything else. Even the twins have been extra difficult this week. My husband is extremely busy with work, we have soccer or church every night. Soccer again on Saturdays. Church meeting on Sundays. We are busy from about 5:30 or 6 in the morning, until WAY too late at night. Not to mention, I'm trying to get my Bows-n-Berries business off the ground...if for no other reason than it relaxes me. It's a great stress-reliever. But it still takes time...a precious commodity in our home!

In addition to the "busy"ness, I am working through the difficulties of homeschooling. One child seems to be particularly slow at getting things done. Not that she can't do it. She has proven on other occasions that she is quite capable of doing this type of work. For awhile I was worried about reading comprehension. She was having a hard time reading something and answering questions about it two minutes later. After a couple weeks of this (she usually has at least one reading comp. activity/week), she read a chapter book from the library. I asked her what the book was about, and she told me every last detail. I thought she'd never stop talking! But what a relief!! She "gets" the whole reading comprehension thing. Which means she either thinks the "school stuff" is boring, or she is just easily distracted. I think she is easily distracted...and who wouldn't be in this mad house? So now I know in what direction to move. I think I will read it with her for awhile, and let her answer the questions with me. This will help her learn to focus.

I have some other thoughts too, but this blog post is too long already. Maybe that will be my next post. =)

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