Monday, August 23, 2010

Ready or Not...and a Little Surprise!

Soooo, today started our home-schooling journey, adventure, whatever you wanna call it! I am so exhausted that this will be pretty short (yeah, yeah, you're welcome!). Basically, I had a semi-agenda of what I felt we needed to accomplish today. We got 2/3 of the list done, but since we hit all the main points (math, history, english, science), I felt pretty good overall.

It was actually pretty amazing with my 3 girls; they were very excited about it all. The trouble was with my twins. I knew they would be my main problem in this journey (I know that sounds so cliche, but it really is a journey so for lack of a better word...that's what you get). They acted like...well...2-year-olds. =) What can you expect, really? You know how a kid cries and screams the minute you get on the phone? Well, it was sort-of like that, except all. day. long. Yikes! After awhile, you just sort of zone it out. They are right there with you, but you can't pay attention to the crying part. All they wanted was every ounce of my attention. Sheez!

I have decided though, to try to get them a little more involved. I'm going to have to wear myself out to wear them out. So play dough here we come...and every other little thing I can think of to keep their little hands/minds busy.

But the one consolation?? When I left the twins with my mom for a bit to go pick up my exchange students from school, Maya told her, "I have to go to the bathroom." And she took off that diaper, went pee-pee in the "big kid potty," and put on a pull up (she wouldn't wear a diaper right after that)! HA! What a nice surprise. (I know, I know, doesn't take much to thrill me!!) Of course, the excitement didn't last too long, because she dirtied that pull-up within a couple hours, but I'll take what I can get.

And now, with the little energy & brainpower I have left, I'm going to go brush my teeth & drag myself into bed. And maybe give a little prayer for endurance for tomorrow. =)

Nitey Nite all! I survived my first day! Yay!

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  1. I'm SO proud of you Heather. You made the right choice to home-school and you're great at it. I love your blogs & pics. I especially love the videos of the girls reciting their poems. Tell them that for me. Love you all. Keep touching the Throne of Grace for Endurance ;)