Monday, August 30, 2010

SOMEthing Learned...

My girls playing a science game. =)

So we finished (aka..survived) our first week of home-schooling! Hooray for us! And thank you, Lord! It was a completely insane week, because we started school, had our second week with 3 of our kids playing soccer, had to finish up a bridal party's accessories order, had our exchange students for their last week here (which meant more errands and shopping), and much more. *sigh*...the "busy"ness is overwhelming at times.

I have no real revelations or exciting things to share, but I did learn at least ONE thing. That is, with 2-yr.-old twins in the house, we now need to start with music lessons. It's something the kids can do on their own and gives me a little time to let our twins run around, be loud and have some "mommy time." And I get to update the bloggity and say good morning to my fb peeps on occasion! =)

We got through the "basics" this week (English, Math, Science, History) and a few extras along the way. Not too bad in my opinion, for our first week ever!

Here are a few pics from the showing our school stuff, hair stuff that I created (and cool boutonnieres), our exchange students...a little of everything! =)

Well, here's to anther week, ya'll! Have a good one!

One of the maps in our school room! Can't wait to put a cute border around it. I love maps!
Monkey see; Monkey do. Maya & Matt...

Asuka & Rie with Maya and Matt. These were our exchange students & we miss them!

A GORGEOUS hairpiece I made for a St. Lucia wedding.

An awesome boutonniere I made for the same wedding.

Caitlin's team (she's front center) after they won their beach tourney.

Emma before her first game.

Sophia after her game.

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