Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome to Our Family...

Hey there!!! Welcome to our little homeschooling blog! I'm starting this blog for several reasons; to answer the big WHY??? question, to give some info regarding how we are doing our schooling in the event that anyone out there is wondering where to start and to give Mama Bear (that's me) & even the kiddos a place to talk about our journey.

Today though, I'll just tell you a little bit about our family. Art is Papa, I'm Heather (Mama...duh), and our kids are Caitlin (6th grade), Sophia (3rd grade), Emma (1st grade) and twins Maya & Matthew (2.5 years). Art is my amazing hubby whose hard-work has allowed me to stay home with our kids since our second child was born. (Okay, okay, I did work at Starbucks for a short time in there to get out of the house a bit, when my hubby was home to take care of the children.)

Staying home is NOT easy, but I have to say here that it is a choice. I chose to stay home and sacrifice a lot of "stuff" to be with my kids. It can be done; even in California where the cost of living is very high. You can live on one modest income and live well. I might not have all the cute clothes that I want, the kids might not wear all the designer stuff that I think is so cute, we might not keep the latest cars, but we eat well, splurge on occasional dates/clothes/whatever. LET ME BE CLEAR: I'm not saying this to condemn anyone, but rather as an encouragement to those working moms out there who want to stay home and think it's impossible. It's not. Take it from me. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it! We've made some monumental mistakes along the way, and here we are. We still have a roof over our heads, we're still eating, we're still clothed (and not too hideously!). That's all I want you to take away from this...that it CAN be done.

Next time...I'll answer the WHY? question. =)

Until then, have a beautiful day!

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