Friday, March 4, 2011

The Crazy Life of Home Schooling Family

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted. I came to our blog and saw that I still had a pumpkin background from the fall. =) So, in honor of the almost spring-time weather, my eldest daughter has chosen a new cute background and we're going to try to get back on the blogging track.

I think that, for me, the hardest thing about blogging is that I don't often feel like I have something to say. I mean, really. What is there to say about our day-to-day life? We wake up, eat breakfast, I yell too much about the kids not doing their morning chores, we FINALLY get through our morning before-school routine, then we start school (with at least one child always lagging behind), twins constantly disrupting the concentration (case in point: Maya thought Caitlin's glue stick was lip it entirely wrong to hope her lips might stick together for a bit?). Then we somehow get through to lunch-time and I try with all my might to get these twins of mine to stay in their seat long enough to actually consume a few morsels. Then it's happily nap-time for my cute double-trouble, science or history time for the girls and me. If we can make it to that point, I TRY to get to my office and work (I have a Hair Accessories business that is my free-time passion) while the kids have their own free time. If I get to do that for an hour, I'm extremely happy. Then it's back to a super-speedy clean-up of our daily mess, dinner-making, soccer practice (which, with 3 kids participating, we have the pleasure of attending 4 days a week, not including games) and we come home, try to get the kids into bed at a reasonable hour and melt on the couch for a bit before dragging our own exhausted bodies to bed. WHEW! What was I thinking?

So really, what is there to write about? I've pretty much summed-up our daily routine. It happens pretty much the same. Every. Day. I don't know what I could possibly write about the actual schooling that you'd care to hear. You'd probably get bored with the details of what we've actually learned. Although I must say that it was kinda cool to see something in our yard that we just learned about in science. A few weeks ago, we talked about phototropism, where plants automatically grow toward the light. I was out in the yard, pushing my twins on the swings, when I realized that one of our trees had much more growth on the side that receives more sunlight. It was so cool! I didn't notice it before because I usually view that tree from a different angle. From the swingset, though, I was able to see the growth in an entirely different way! Can't wait to show the kids!

Well, until next time, you should know that each day is a big journey in this household. But we've survived almost an entire school year. Maybe YOU could do this too. =) But you've gotta be brave, you've gotta have endurance (I'm not so sure I have it), and I'm convinced you need God! lol.

Sophia ready for rain!

The hail that came down on our girls during their game!
Let's do the wave! Oh wait, they already have one on the field!

BFFs had their first fight. Maya & her Tia (auntie) Cynthia.

This was the condition of the field all weekend.

Caitlin is the little yellow & blue in the front.

Splish Splash through the mud. 

Just kidding, Blue Giant. Caiti faked you out! ;)

Post-final game. We had already checked out of our hotel, mind you!

Ewww! Luckily we brought 3 gallons of warm water from the hotel to "shower" her.

To jump in the mud or not to jump? That is the question.

Emma, finding shelter under the big umbrella. 

This was our view leaving the field after our first game! Gotta love
those Arizona skies!!! 
Have a gorgeous day! I'm including some soccer pics from Caitlin's most recent tournament in "sunny Laughlin". Such a crazy weekend!! Let's just say it included some rain, some hail, some puddles and LOTS of mud! =)

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