Monday, April 25, 2011

Procrastinator Who???

Haha! I just thought I'd make all ya'll feel better today by posting what I've put off for about two months. My twins' room! 

For some reason, twins constantly feel the need to follow each other around. Even when they are running, they about mow each other's like they're drawn to the same strip of grass or sidewalk. They can't find their own little spot. They both have to be there. In the same exact place it seems. Their bedroom is no exception. Matthew & Maya both love the idea of cracking open the closet doors and chasing each other in and out of the narrow space in front of the shelves, knocking over every precariously-placed item on their way! Then, to add insult to injury, they tear out all the shoes, yank down the clothes, squeeze out the Desitin, slather themselves with get the picture, right? So, in all my busy-ness over the last few months, I've just squished stuff right on back inside the closet, smooshed the doors shut, and have gone along on my merry way. But after a while you just can't close the doors anymore in peace. You have a gnawing feeling in your stomach. Add to that feeling the ever-growing pile of clothes that Grandma has so graciously washed and put on their dressers, and the stuff that they keep throwing on their bedroom floor, and you've got an imminent disaster awaiting!

So on Spring Break (is this REALLY what break is for?), I decided to tackle the bedroom project! Nope, not decorating. Nothing fancy here. Just cleaning. I decided to spend a quick 1/2 hour in their room and it turned into a huge 4-hour ordeal! YIKES! But...I got rid of so much stuff, organized what they had and even got their toy bin off of their floor! Yes, you'll get to see how unimaginative I am in the decorating department and you might even see the broken blinds that need to be replaced (and the blanket that is desperately trying to cover the bright spots--don't judge!), but please try to remember, I'm attempting to make you feel GOOD about your own selves! So, BE NICE! lol... And here are the pics to prove what a mess I've been! :) And yes, I know the pictures are ugly. Dirty rooms are usually difficult to make look pretty. lol...

This (with exception of the bins) is the pile of stuff from 2 shelves...

See the 2 shelves that were emptied? The bin on
bottom is a mixture of a bunch of stuff that the
twins have been pulling out of the closet. UGH!

On left-4 bags of stuff I'm donating or selling. On right- 3 bags of trash +
a few boxes & a bunch of blankets that
definitely did NOT need to be in that small room!

Nicely organized shelves with toy
bin & puzzles & books inside so
they don't have to be sitting out in
the middle of the room! YAY!

I forgot to take a before pic of this side of the
closet. It wasn't pretty. Their was so much stuff
bulging out of the shelf and the floor that you
couldn't see what belonged to whom and so
forth. Now it's nicely cleaned with nothing on the
floor for M&M to mess up! 

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