Thursday, April 21, 2011

Field Trip Drama!

Hello Everyone!!!

**Warning** This post may contain some gross-ness. Just giving you fair warning. Tried not to be too yucky!
**Double Warning** There are TONS of pics included in this post. Sorry. Couldn't help it! :)

So on our third "lovely" (read: not so sunny, so we HAD to go somewhere warmer) day of Spring Break, after a night of being sicky (I ate something that most definitely did NOT agree with my tum-tum...can you tell I have 5 kids? I can't even speak proper English!), we woke up and I had a secret field trip planned for the kids. However, one of my kids woke up with an upset tummy too, so I wasn't quite sure we were going to make it. But after a bit, she felt better and we were on our way. Just a quick stop to the bank was all we needed and we were going to head out. Only I decided it would be a grand plan to give that child (the one who had been feeling a bit off) the iPad to play with on our way to the bank. That child just so happens to be prone to car-sickness. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I had to pull over and wait til the nausea wore off. THEN...we were on our way. Again. The only problem was...we had to drive through a very curvy stretch, and the car-sick child got more car sick (luckily I had found an Olive Garden cup for her to hold...just in case). There she went, "chucking" away, til I was able to pull over and help the poor kid out. A very nice police officer pulled over behind us to make sure all was well. She felt better almost instantly and we were on our way for what seemed like the twentieth time! Luckily, the lil gal fell asleep til we arrived at our destination, and she was perfectly fine after that! SHEESH!

So, you ask, where did we go? We went to the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert. It was $8 for each of us (under 2 is free). They have so many cool things to do & see. We have been there once before and my children have been begging us to take them back ever since! They have a huge, magnetic wall with all sorts of metal lids, containers, and other magnets sticking to it. The kids can take them off and arrange them however they like. They have a really cool rope maze that I didn't take pics of this time. You clip your child to a rope and they have to make their way through all the ropes (while attached). It's awesome! My kids' favorite areas were the "General Store" and "Pizza Parlor." We spent over half of our time in those two sections alone. My girls also loved the dress-up section, but my poor son was like, "Get me outta here!!!" I think he pooped in his pull-up just to make that happen. We didn't go back. lol...

Here are my pics of the day. Some were on my camera, the last 7 were on my cell phone (yes, yes, I forgot to take an extra battery for my camera). My kids had SO much fun and thanked me profusely...with HUGS no less! **FYI** There are other fun exhibits too and a nice outdoor area with a picnic spot, in addition to a gift shop.

Magnetic Wall

Sophie on the pulley. You sit on it and pull the rope until you get to the top.
Let go of the rope and down you go!

Matthew watching...

Maya the "Archaeologist"

My artsy-fartsy shot of the magnetic nuts & bolts.

The lady HAD to step in the pic at the last moment!

I loved seeing the twins at this little, round window!

Matthew the Firefighter

Emma's shoes. HAD to take a pic of them while she was busy
playing dress-up. :)

Maya started undressing in the dress-up area...
You're really supposed to keep your clothes on in public, right? lol
Caitlin...simply mahhhvelous, dahhling!

This was a display where you sit in the wheelchair and see how fast you can
wheel it! I'm not sure how fast they went, but they learned that your arms
get tired quickly! 

They LOVED this store!

Happy Shoppers!

Double Trouble!

Cashier Caitlin

Emma made me a FAB pizza!

These rubber legos were AWESOME!!!!

It's a recession and they're taking DOUBLE our money!! WHAT???

OH YEAH! Painting a REAL VW Bug! I wonder how many layers of paint
this thing has???


  1. You rock, mama! What a fun outing, and what a fun idea to keep it a secret! Props for your bravery at wrangling 5 kids on the excursion and not losing any of them (or your mind)!

  2. Haha! Thanks, Jen! This place had so much cool stuff that, most of the time, I wasn't losing my mind! Only when we were in the dress-up area and Matthew was bored did I start to get a lil crazy! lol...