Friday, July 8, 2011

Home Invasion: Part III

Here are some shots of our crazy week. Keep in mind; we have 6 bedrooms (2 large, 4 small), a fairly large kitchen & living room and a downstairs "family room" that doesn't normally get much use (as it's next to my office, where the kids are This week, every square inch of house seems to be getting plenty of use! :)

This is how we kept track of cups throughout the week! Otherwise, we would have been washing CONSTANTLY! 
All ya need is a lil masking tape, a sharpie marker & an area of counterspace!

Sophie reading in her room while awaiting everyone's arrival!

I love how the kids squished around this lil table with only 2 chairs. The rest sat on the wall. :)

Dear friends, Matt & Leslie. My dad & uncles were friends with Leslie's dad growing up! :)

I had to put those organic blueberries to good use! I normally make pancakes from scratch, but with such a large group, I took the easy route & did the "Just add water" version! They were still pretty yummy!

Doesn't look like much, but this is THE best way to butter your 'cakes. Just melt some butter, use a paintbrush (preferably one that has not ever been dipped in paint! lol) and butter them as you take them out of the skillet. It seems to give them just the perfect amount of butter! :)

Cook your pancakes on the 1st side, then plop the blueberries in before you flip them. (This way they don't get smooshed if you try to mix them into your batter! I don't always do it this way, but it was perfectly easy & worked!)

Sophie ready to dig in! Funny thing she usually doesn't like blueberry pancakes, but since we picked these blueberries, she somehow "liked" them.

My cousin David...

Matthew & Maya in their new "room" for the week...on the floor next to my closet!

Laundry on top of the dresser & the foot of the bed....**sigh** You just can't get to everything, so after you've cleaned the whole house, you just sort-of shove all the extra stuff in your room so no one sees it. (This works until someone needs to talk to you and comes into your room! hehe)

More clean laundry (in a basket hidden behind our bedroom easy chair). Hey, at least its clean right?

Totally random shot, but my hubby is an amazing artist. This is his rendition of a Monet
hangs in our room! I think this one is an oil painting. I love it though, and it's HUGE!

One of the bedrooms...on day 2. Oh's gonna be a messy week! :)

They'd rather have fun being together than be comfortable in a hotel room! I think that is soooo cool!

The fairly constant state of disarray on the counter during "Training Week."

2 gorgeous models, I mean, cousins of mine...Madeline & Bethany. 

My Aunt Hanni & dear friend Nora. They have really all become family through these visits!

Taking a minute to unwind at the guitar. There is always guitar, piano or singing going on during Training Week!

Don't shoot me!!! :)

You just have you prepare yourself for utter & complete chaos and mess! You clean up, but there are soooo many people, the house can't help but look cluttered! (More on cleaning teams later...) 
Look at all the blankets piled up on that couch! lol

And all the stuff THERE! Everywhere you look, there is STUFF! :)

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