Monday, July 4, 2011

My Mama: Gardener Extraordinaire

Here are a few pics of my wonderful Mom. She not only helps me stay sane (by watching my kids when I've just had too much), but she is also a FABULOUS gardener! This year has been the best since she's been in California! We more than doubled the size of the garden, and she just keeps picking squash, cucumbers, green beans, peppers of various types (sweet & spicy ones). Tomatoes are also on their way!

I'm not really the gal with the green thumb, but I cannot tell you HOW COOL it is to see something so fresh & living that was grown out in my back yard harvested and prepared in my kitchen! First of all, she uses organic soil and no pesticides so it is truly fresh & organic. And it's flavor is a bit more intense and rich. The green beans are awesome! I love how she goes out with her basket with one of my kids! Here are a few pics from the other day when Caitlin was helping her. **And because Caitlin has helped on so many occasions without complaint, she was treated to a Starbucks Frappuccino. It doesn't hurt to be helpful sometimes.**

Here's our in-ground bed, full of green beans, brussel sprouts, & cucumbers. 
Green Beans...mmmmmmm...

Look at this raised bed overflowing with tomato plants & more!!

These tomatoes are on their way...

The sun was just popping up over the mountains and looked pretty coming through this  Oleander Bush. 

My Mama with some of her fresh, organic green beans...freshly picked! 

My mom with her little helper, my oldest daughter, Caitlin.

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