Sunday, July 24, 2011


Okay, I know its been awhile since I've posted. I've been recuperating from having everyone here during training week (the recoup time for that wasn't SO bad). But exactly 6 days later we hosted an end-of-the-year soccer party (it was great too) and an impromptu slumber party for all the members of the team. (Ummmm, 10 extra girls in the house, almost all of whom had cell phones & used them...a few all. night. long. AYYYYEEE, apparently I was rudely awakened as to the life of current pre-teens. This is PRECISELY the reason my kids don't have cell phones yet. I can't take the extra, unnecessary drama!) The recoup time for that has taken a bit longer. I have been completely out-of-it for a week. I've been waking up late, feeling unrested, taking naps, still feeling unrested, and simply ignoring all the things crying out for attention (house, cooking, etc...). **sigh**

So, here are some more pics from "Summer Training 2011." (That sounds so dramatic in my mind...kind-of like a news headline. lol...)

Cousins Madeline, Kellan & Hannah

Hannah & Caitlin, BFFs

Sweet Mother/Daughter moment...Bethany & my Aunt Hanni

One of my favorite & easiest breakfasts--ham & cheese croissants! Get some yummy croissants (I always get mine from Costco because they are way cheaper than the grocery store & always FRESH!), add some ham (or bacon), a slice of cheese (we usually use cheddar or provolone) & throw in the oven to warm. Mmmmmmm......
**We had THREE large pans. I made 36 croissant sandwiches that morning for breakfast.**

We had a large bowl of peaches (we must have run out of fruit that day) and
several types of cereal in addition to the croissants. 

The kids playing a card game one day. They had so much fun together. 

Sweet couple, Matt & Leslie.

The kids gathered around Susanna!

Leah & Matthew "playing" a game. :)

Spencer chillin' on David Ezra's shoulders.

Big David & Matt.

Abigail :)

Hannah at the piano. Told you there was always someone playing an instrument.

Caitlin playing some maze game that my cousins brought. This kept the pre-teen/teens very busy. :)

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